Monday, October 13, 2008

Wrapped in Comfort

I did a very simple garter stitch shawl for donating to Wrapped in Comfort ( a charity that provides these shawls for mothers who have lost a child ). It's knit with an easy-care boucle that I love the colors in. I did something unusual in that I intentionally chose to use bits & pieces so that the color transitions weren't as smooth to add a little interest. I have made similar shawls before - but I always allowed the color to work as designed before - and I did "wraps" to add a little lace here & there. This time, I skipped the wraps (wanted to see what it looked like without) and played around a little with stopping & starting different colors. It turned out "ok" - I think that I'm ready for trying more complicated stitches. I really only picked the garter stitch (easiest thing in the world) because with the move & stress I wanted something mind-less to work on. And the boucle (which is SO soft & I love) looks better with simple stitching and would not show off the other stitches as well. I'm dying to try several new things (but have SO many unfinished projects as it is) and can't afford to go yarn shopping ... so, this is what it is because I was using yarn up from my stash, and I was too stressed to focus on much of anything.

You can see that Kyra thought it was quite lovely!