Monday, April 9, 2012

March Accomplishments - April Planning

Well, this was a little light... but I did get some stuff done.

I finished three hats - in total, two knit in Brioche stitch and one knit with the loom. I finished a baby blanket...

And I got started on a super-simple short-sleeved shrug on the loom.

As of April 8th, I've finished my shrug (photos coming) and really appreciated the book I had bought which showed me how to do true stockinette and true garter on the loom. Just in time for my arm to be to the point where I can start knitting again (a little, not too much too fast).

SO - SLIM April Planning so that I don't overdo it!

1. A few hats to make up for my lack of progress so far on my goal of 40 hats for the year.

2. A baby blanket for a shower at the beginning of May - probably will be a super-fast crochet one.

3. Get my Heavily Cabled sweater out of hibernation and work on it so that I can finish it on May 1st.

4. If I get too far too fast with the sweater (well, that probably means I'm not taking it as easy as I'm supposed to - sigh)... then I'll pick up the heavily cabled gloves and try to get them to almost done so I can set them aside to finish on June 1st.

Now to try to figure out what sweaters to work on May/June/July.