Tuesday, May 20, 2014

sigh... another neglected knitting blog - this time my own

So, ignoring the blog works (for a while).

Scheduliing updates x times a month at different points works semi-well... but feels 'boring' and it feels like it's forced instead of natural.

Non-scheduled as I'm inspired posting worked well for about a month... and then... yeah. Silence.

I'm trying to decide if I want to keep the blog going or merge it into my more personal blog or what I want to do.... might take me a while to figure it out.

In the meantime... I made a diaper cake for my future grandson. I technically already have a grandson, but he was four when I met him (step-grandson, made me an instant grandma)... and so this is the first grandchild I get to throw a baby shower for.

And being a KNITTER (yes, all caps)... it can't just be any old pile of diapers, oh no... Every item on this diaper cake (well not counting the tissue paper, the ribbon and netting... not counting the baby bottle, baby bottle brush (hidden inside for stability) and not counting the pacifiers... but EVERYTHING else including the lion wearing the sweater on top - is hand knit). And, my daughter-in-law chose a Safari theme and I was off and running!

Baby hat - Bernat Baby Jaquards yarn, colorway Blue Grass -  knit in a smiple ribbed then stockinette baby hat.
Baby Sweater - Same yarn & color way - Child's V-neck placket sweater (Rav) made in 18 1/2 " size
Baby socks - Same yarn & color way - Big Boy pattern from an American School of Needlework pamphlet I found MANY years ago
Lion - Used Bernat Pipsqueek in Brown & Cream for the body, and dark brown fun fur for the tale and mane - Lester the Lion (Rav); pattern modified to knit in the round all but for the head... which I didn't realize COULD have been knit in the round because I was so confused when I was knitting it as to what was going on. TOTALLY love the bernat pipsqueek yarn for plushies! I will DEFINITELY be making more with it in the future... fun fur? I could live without - so it probably won't be another lion.
Washcloths - about ten in total... made with various cottons and either mitered garter squares, granny's old fashioned washcloths, or simple garter squares.
You can only see one - but there were two pacifier clips - simple I-cords with a pacifier on one end and an alligator clip on the other.
Zebra, Elephant, Monkey, Lion, Giraffe - made with various scraps of worsted weight acrylic from the Safari (Rav) Mobile pattern (mobile itself was also gifted and each of the critters has a ribbon in his back to hang them from the mobile - has alligator clips as well... or to be played with off-mobile)
Baby rattle - left over Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn - Baby ball rattle (Rav)
Rings - various left over cottons - used rubber tubing cut to around 4-5" long, and stitched a 4-stitch I-cord around each... interlinked them, then seamed them into ring shape. Figured they could be put in water, then the freezer and make good teething rings.
Yoda baby bottle cozy - used leftover scraps of worsted weight yarn - Yoda baby bottle cozy pattern (Rav) - Yes, I know ... Yoda doesn't fit the safari theme... but I thought that he was too cute for words and my son (the daddy) LOVEs all things geeky, just like me... so it made it's way into the cake.
And lastly there were about eight or nine baby bibs of various sizes - One big cone of Peaches & Creme cotton in white along with scraps and a ton of different animal, vegetable and star trek charts... and the pattern The perfect baby bib (rav) and we've got bibs.

I've got a few other projects to share... maybe in a few years I'll remember to do so.