Saturday, March 13, 2010

Inartsia Star War Charts --- chart patterns

When making my son's Star Wars blanket I found a LOT of great and really useful patterns online. Since I appreciated the value they offered, I decided that I could do the same.

These patterns are available free for use - as long as it's personal use, and/or for donations to charity. They aren not being made available for use in earning money either by being for sale or for making items to be sold. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns via the Blogger contact link.

I've adopted the Excel Charts into graphics so that fewer people will have issues with usage. To save locally, click on each chart you wish to use - which should open in a new window/tab in a larger size. Then right-click on each image to save to your computer.

I adapted each chart by adding rows above/below and left/right so that they all ended up with 34 stitches across and 42 rows tall. These worked well in addition to some other Charts I found online.

Yoda Chart

General Grievous

Darth Maul


Star Fighter

Crossed Light Sabers