Saturday, December 1, 2018


A semi-non-knitting project, for a change.

At the crafting store and a little bit of inspiration hit. Originally, I was going to put each of these inside of the clear plastic ornaments... and make them into mini-snowballs ... but the bottom bead is too big to fit. I might re-try again with smaller beads... but these turned out pretty adorable as they are, don't you think?

Here's a close up, they are about 2" x 3/4":

I could probably use a little practice with the glue gun, but eh, clear glue & white snowmen. I'm good with this as my first try.

Supplies needed:
3/4" bead
1/2" bead
1/4" bead
sparkly and/or white pipecleaners
1-2 yards of sparkly yarn
Glue gun

Heart-shaped bead, or what-ever type of bead you'd like them to hold

Here are the steps I used to make these.

FWIW - Steps 1 & 2 can be skipped if you can find white beads (sadly, I couldn't)
1. I created a jig by putting nails through the bottom of the box - pointing inward into the box, then using wrap so that paint wouldn't stick to the box
2. Spray-paint the beads white (I used 3 coats)

3. hot glue the beads
a. ensure that the hole for the biggest bead is vertical, and the top hidden by the middle bead
b. ensure that the hole for the middle bead runs horizontal (arms will go through it
c. ensure that the hole for the top bead is vertical, and the bottom of it is hidden by the middle bead... and the top can be hidden by the hat

4. I folded each pipe cleaner twice (made them the length I wanted and the thickness to hold well into the middle bead) - and push them through the middle bead & shape them into the position you'd like

5. Hot glue the heart (or other bead you'd like them to hold) to one arm

6. I crocheted an itty-bitty scarf & tie it around the neck of the snowman
Scarf pattern:
a. Chain 20 sts
(no really, that's it - other than the cut yarn & weave through the ends bit)

7. I knit a tiny hat & hot glued it to his head
Hat pattern:
CO 10 stitches (leave a 4-6" tail)
Using double points, I joined in the round & knit two rows
K2tog 5 times
Using double points, I switched to I-cord knitting  & knit two rows.
Cut yarn 4-6" away, and run through all live stitches & pull tight
Take the yarn from the tail and weave it through the inside of a couple of stitches - heading towards the top of the hat....
Tie the ends of the two yarn ends to use them for helping hang it to the tree

8. Took a black & orange fine point sharpies and drew in the face & belly buttons