Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Almost a Dragon

This guy is going to be cuuu-te (well, that is, if you're allowed to call dragons cute).

He's missing all his limbs and his tail and his fire breath....

But this isn't too bad for having started on the first and stopping on the sixth.

April - so much good intentions

So... I thought I was going to make a dragon stuffie this month. I thought about making a few things this month.

But. Then I fell. Again. Like last year.

Luckily the arm is NOT broken. But I definitely tweaked my right wrist badly enough that I'm out of the crafting game this month.

It might be a good six weeks before I get to do my crafting. I might have to try to fix up a few stitch markers instead to feel like I'm still being productive.

I might try to clean my crafting space... well, my house could probably use a ton of cleaning time, but lets not go crazy.