Friday, December 26, 2008

Almost all of the rest of the gifts

OK, so I have one more hat I'd like to do - for my nephew I won't see until the 10th... although, in all honesty - the red hat was intended for him, only I was wanting to see what that pattern would do with mittens - aren't they cute??? and - oops, the mittens are too small. So, instead, those will go to the now one-month old grand-niece for next winter (since they'll be too small for everyone else). sigh.

The green is from the same skein as "a"s gift; the red is from left-over pound of red yarn (Super Saver) I bought two years ago and made a sweater for "a" last year. The orange is a plush super-soft boucle that was on sale for 99 cents a couple of summers ago... only enough to make one hat, but perfect for my little grand-niece.


bokjae said...

Hey, I am impressed by your knitting! although I don't knit (hehe) but I can appreciate your effort of love! Keep it up! blessed New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful!