Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starting over

A year ago - January... I finished the first ever sweater for little "a". He LOVES it still (good thing). I made it a size larger intentionally - intending it for this winter, and it's still a little big on him. But, he's wearing it & it will probably still fit him next winter.

And, I decided I could handle a more complicated pattern, and started a "spring" short-sleeved v-neck pullover with cables - for me. I had the pattern, the yarn I'm using is Simply Soft from Caron... I managed to get the back done last year - and pick it up & put it back down again & again ever since. I had (notice, the word had) about eight inches along the bottom of the front finished. Wonder why I was working so slowly? I wasn't really happy with it. I had it almost half done & it wasn't quite working out for me. A couple of reasons - the bottom was always going to roll up. The finished pics in the pattern didn't show a roll, which meant that since I didn't like the roll, I was probably ALWAYS going to fight that "curling" along the bottom. Secondly, it so was not going to fit me. My knitting was to gauge, and I'd picked the size I wanted... when I took the measuring tape to one piece, it seemed to come out right, but when you held the two pieces together? Enormous... and unfortunately, traditional knitting requires that you knit the sweater in separate pieces, which means, that often, you won't know how well it's really going to fit until it's done.

I also messed up the cables pretty well, at the top & bottom - the cables switch directions every two cables - in the middle part, every other cable switches direction. I switched directions pretty randomly & it looked ok, but as I was getting better at following directions for the front, the front wasn't going to match the back anymore. I told myself to ignore it, who cares if I mess up the back, not like I'll see it that often. I messed up a little on the front, but wasn't going to undo several hours of knitting to fix one little mistake.

Wasn't - being the key word. I just couldn't see investing 30 to 40 more hours of knitting time for a "mess" - which is exactly what the sweater would end up being. Who spends that kind of time for something that won't fit properly? I sure was going to. But, last night I decided enough was enough. I RIPPED it ALL OUT. ALL of it, even the back - which was finished. I'm starting over, this time - I'm altering the pattern.

I started with a rib knit around the bottom edge (so it won't roll) - I'll probably cap off the sleeves the same way. Second, I'm making it smaller (although - tonight is the test - I have 1/2 inch done - If it's too big, I'm ripping it out again, and making it smaller yet). And, third? So, I can try it on - I'm knitting it all in one piece... knitting in the round is SO the way to knit clothes. So, I now have a half inch done on a sweater that I might actually wear someday. :-)

Pics to come!


Msplumuniq said...

My goodness, sounds like you're a perfectionist, which most of us crafters are! Hard to NOT make it "just right," isn't it? I don't knit, so I don't follow the terms well, but I get the gist of your problem. Hope it turns out OK for you sooner than you think!

Sandy said...

That sounds like quite a project, I've yet to learn to do cables. It's on my list. You know what I mean, you add 2 things for every 1 item that gets crossed off.

I've not been a fan of Caron Simply Soft, it separates badly I think, worse when crocheting then knitting; but I'm always dissappointed when I try to make something with it.

Would love to see a picture of your project. Do post one.

Good Luck

Lisa said...

I look at knitting and it's all Japanese to me!!
Your story at my blog left me in tears,Thanks for entering my Pay it forward giveaway! I hope you'll come back and visit soon! I'll be posting a winner Tuesday night or Wednesday morning!!

Sandy said...

Was checking out the sale on yarn I spotted on your site, KnitPicks. I've never ordered or use their yarn. Wonder, have you?


Flemisa said...

My daughter found your blog for me and I am very glad she did. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Good luck with the cables and getting a sweater to fit nicely.

Sandy said...

The green hairy hat shown on my advert intially (the one currently here on your page), was knitted for my niece who bald due to osteocarcinoma. I thought it looked sorta like hair.

Have a good day, what are you working on currently?