Sunday, January 23, 2011


So, I vowed to make 100 hats for the homeless this year.

Its been a full month, and in order to meet my goal, The numbers tell me I need to make between 8 to 9 hats a month.

How many do I have done?

33 (decided not to count the chemo hat I made for the hospial)

That means that I hit 33 percent of my goal in less than one-tenth the time I have given myself to do it.


I would almost question upping the goal number, but the truth is that I am highly unlikely to be able to sustain this effort. The main accomplishment was yesterday when I competed in a 24 hour hat challenge on Everyone who competed had the same 24 hours in which to create as many hats as they could. I wasn't even close to the top competiter (whom I think completed 27 adult hats, I might be third on my own team, even). But I am still very pleased with my final count of 20 adult hats completed in 24 hours. And I am even more pleased that I did as much as I did, yet managed to not cause a flare-up of my carpel tunnel issues. And that's saying something. Lol

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Robyn said...

yay! ROAR ROAR GRYFFINDOR! these hats will definitely help keep tons of people warm and happy with these blustery midwestern winter storms we keep getting!