Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lia - Sweater Surgery (photo heavy)

There's a little bit of scarring, but honestly? The surgery went pretty darn well!

I promised some photos...

First - here's the bottom of the sleeve (not a great shot, but eh - camera phone on lap while performing surgery - good enough):

The little bit of twist you see at the left edge? That's the cable where it is now. It's supposed to be on the two sections of ribbing on the right edge.

I've inserted a cable needle into the stitches I want to save ABOVE the increase/decrease/cabling section I'm going to redo.

Here I've snipped a thread in the middle and started to unravel a single row going both left & right - the snipped ends won't get reknit - instead I'll leave them at the edges of the surgery and weave them in after I finish.

Here I've picked up the stitches above the currently cabled section and placed them on a double point needle to deal with later.

Next, I dropped down several rows (one for each 'ladder' of yarn you see here) for the not cabled section that I wanted to repair first.

Then I took each ladder - bottom rung first - and knit with that yarn the section that needed to be cabled.

Here it is with the right side cabled. I repeated that process for the left side to remove the cabling.

The last row to work is the row that I snipped & unraveled. At this point, I picked up new yarn from the yarn left over from working the sweater and I used a yarn needle to start grafting.

It's K3P2 ribbing - so I needed a little guidance - found my old link to a tutorial that works out pretty well.

It's not 'prefect as there's an occasional loop going the wrong way on a knit stitch. AND I focused so much on not making my grafting too small (which is my norm) that some of the stitches came out a little larger than I had hoped. But with a little blocking and creative weaving in of ends there will only be the slightest of scarring.

I have already picked out and redone the shoulder seams and seamed the left sleeve onto the correct side of the sweater. So, all that's left now is to seam the right sleeve and block it. It was getting late last night or I might have thought about pushing through to finish it then. But hopefully by the end of tonight - I will have sweater three of twelve finished.

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