Thursday, March 1, 2012

March plans (or lack thereof)

Finish my heavily cabled sweater.

Make a new sweater from scratch - from some sort of pattern, from some sort of yarn. Originally had planned an Alpaca long-sleeved sweater 'Ramona'. But a) I'm not sure the yarn is right for it and b) I don't think I want to finish a long sleeved sweater in Alpaca by the end of March (too hot to wear). So, then I was looking at a short sleeved cardigan in a different Alpaca yarn. But my allergies are kicking up, and I'm not sure I want to expose myself too much to Alpaca right now when I have experienced some 'slight' itching to it in the past. My wool allergy used to be slight itching, to major itching has now turned into Hives. So, I'm thinking non-animal fiber right now.

So, still looking at my stash and my queue of patterns I want to make. Haven't made a decision yet.

For non-sweater projects:

I would like to make 10 charity hats (since I didn't finish that many last month).
I want to crochet a 2 hour baby blanket.
A 12"x12" block for another baby blanket.
Finish my Kingdom Gloves I started last month.

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