Monday, June 18, 2012

Bamboo Silk - Yarn yardage concerns.

Sorry I don't have any pics of this just yet. But I put my head down and focused on making some SERIOUS progress on it this last weekend.

I finished the body; have picked up the stitches from the waste yarn and am working the sleeves 2-at-a-time... and I have about 120 yards of yarn left. Since they are short sleeves I'm thinking I'm going to be in great shape for this after all!

So, then I got to thinking about my other top made with Bamboo Silk. The striped T has been in a project bag along with it's yarn for about 14 months. The bag has been toppled and picked up, yarn has been scattered and brought back. It's been frogged a couple of times. I realized today that I started off this final attempt with  2 1/2 balls of beige, 1 ball of peachy/pink, 1 ball of white, and 2 balls of medium blue. So about 650 yards. Um... the pattern calls for about 900 yards in my size. LOL. Ummm... might be an issue. I was SO SURE I had the right amount of yarn when I started it ages ago... but who knows what I might have been thinking/looking at... or if the yarn got 'used' for something else when I wasn't paying attention.

The good news is that I have finished the bottom-up to the top part of the body to the place where you set it aside and start working the sleeves 2-at-a-time; then you join all three pieces together and start the decreasing to the yoke all the way to the neck. Which means that the rows are going to get shorter pretty darn quick. The bad news is that I have NO idea where/when I bought this yarn and/or if I will ever find it again easily if I run short.

So, just when I thought I had it figured out and was going to be ok on yardage for one top - the other one started making me nervous. I'm about two days out from starting my vacation... so my plan is to set this aside until I get home. Then dig around under my bed (where my dog frequently hides things she wants) and see if there are a couple more balls of yarn that she had 'buried' for herself. If that doesn't turn up anything - I'll keep knitting away and wait and see. Maybe I'll get lucky and this pattern and the yardage I have will work out in the end. Though, you can bet I might just keep an eye out for it on my vacation and if I spy any (with or without the right dyelot) I will definitely be snagging it!

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