Friday, July 6, 2012

June End of Month Progress Post

Finished & Previously posted:
  • Brioche Scarf
  • One Charity Hat
  • Double-Knit Hot Pad
  • Bamboo Silk T

  • Felted Bag

Made with Kaleidescope yarn - very bright and colorful!!! I was going to give this yarn away; but I really, really wanted a felted (colorful!) bag for projects. I ended up breaking out in hives twice due to wool allergies and worked on it only in the evening so I could take benedryl to combat the allergies. I love the color on this tote!

  • Secret X-rated Bridal Garter
No pics out on the web - sorry! Need to keep this secret until I can gift it at a bridal shower which hasn't even been scheduled yet. But look up PennyIA on Ravelry - and you should be able to find a pic if you're a member (and I know the giftee isn't).

  • Second Charity Hat
Saving the pic space... it looks pretty darn identical to the last hat; only hot pink.  I was hoping for three more hats and only found time for one. Sadly. But, I've got high hopes for making up my charity hat knitting volumn for Ravelenics!

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