Sunday, March 31, 2013

March end of month progress post

OWL - not big enough to count... but after cutting it in half, I think it will make an awesome baby blanket:

It's definitely bright and colorful even with all that black. It's almost luminescent.  I had planned on making 25 squares to do a full-sized afghan.. but there was no way I was going to manage to make 25 squares with my sore wrists and I was definitely tired of the pattern by square 10. Since this isn't made to OWL requirements, this got turned in as my second detention project.

 This is finished blanket #4 out of 13.

MISSION/Dissertation - Mission was turned in as a partial. Disseration is still in progress.  Here's my current in-progress photo.


Woops... I need another picture of my sweater...

Potions  - Discovery Challenge:

Baby blanket turned big (guess it's Karma for the OWL that got made small)

Divination (missed deadline for Nerdwars, ended up using something else)

DADA & Nerdology:

Charms & Encyclopedia: (2 of the squares for the Stained Glass Window afghan)

Herbology & Giving Geeks:

This little guy is Arthur the Alien, made with scraps of acrylic... I was worried he wouldn't look 'alien' enough... but my 9 yr old knew immediately that it was an alien and had weird ears. So, that works. He's been mailed off to the 600 Monsters project and I hope he brings a little comfort to someone.

Quidditch 1 & 2 & Flexible Scheduling:

And then an impromptu little project for CoMC made with scraps, a little Dust Bunny:

Not as much as I had hoped, but more than I thought was possible. So, that's all good, right? I'm still sad that I missed out on finishing yet another OWL and yet another Mission. I'm definitely going to try to shoot for ONLY an OWL next term. And probably won't do a Dissertation for NerdWars so that I can focus on finishing my OWL.

Now to start planning April!!!! Woooohooooo!

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