Friday, May 3, 2013

May plans - abbreviated

So, my wrist is still in a splint. For at least two more weeks.

So, I'm planning on a lot of simplified/abbreviated crafting work for this month.

First, I have two scarves I plan to make with the Netted yarn that is about four inches wide. It'll take about 80 single crochet stitches and suddenly, you have a scarf. Even with a wrist brace, I think I can manage that.  The first will get turned into Charms - to craft something I would not normally make - I am not into curly, ruffly things - at all. Definitely outside my comfort zome. The second will fit into History of Magic - Craft something using your not-favorite materials. That net yarn? I will NEVER buy again. I have enough left over from my first scarf to make two more (all three will then find their way to a charity) and I will NEVER work with it again. I think it qualifies.

I've been dying to make a second Crocheted necklace like the one I learned how to make in January at the Knitting Retreat. It takes ladder yarn, which means I need to make a trip to get some. But, it's super simple and once again, single crochet (and not much else) for the win!  I'm hoping to give it to my niece as a gift when I go down to see her this summer. Though it's debatable. I migth keep it for myself. This one is going to get turned in for DADA - craft something you can hang on a hook. I'm picturing a turn in photo with my necklace hanging on a hook, seems pretty straight-foward.

A macrame bracelet, similar to friendship bracelets, but made with two tones (or three if I can find the third one) of suede cord. I bought it ages ago at a going out of business LYS sale... thinking that for $1 a ball, I ought to be able to figure out something to make with it. It makes great bracelets. I hadn't originally planned this one  - but Herbology prompt to get to do macrame (a passion I had when I was a teenager) called to me.

Dyeing a skein of ugly-to-me pink cotton yarn. I really hate bright pink and have NO IDEA why I bought a big skein of it. But it's 100% cotton, so it should take an acid dye - I'd love to make it dark purple (my go-to-love-this-color) and a good fit for the Potions class. They prompted folks to make something that reminded them of an ingrediant in the Drawht of the Living Death potion - and I'm thinking the juice from a sophophorus bean ought to do the trick!

I'm thinking I can try to complete these small, fast projects during the next two weeks while wearing a brace without too much difficulty (and well, if they are too hard - I can always set them aside for post-splint finishing).

For one more class that I can knit in - I want to make a dead fish hat. I've wanted to make one for FOREVER. But all of my hat-wearing peep's would refuse to wear something that 'out there'. I got to chatting last fall about thinking it was too outrageous for a charity hat and got convinced that a homeless teenager just might fall in love with something like a dead fish hat. So, dead fish hat for the win!  Transfiguarion is asking us to make flowers or fishes with bonus points if it's REALLY a flower or a fish and I'm pretty sure the dead fish hat will get those bonus points. Plus I've been told they are super fast and easy and are great for using up leftover yarn. Triple win.

Since I can't knit for at least two weeks - I've decided against proposing an OWL this term. Even when I do get to start knitting, I probably need to take it a little easy on myself. So, I'm looking at doing an Order Mission. Brooms (proposals) can be started next week, but the actual knitting doesn't start until a good week after my splint comes off. I promised my son a Mario blanket - the Know Your Mushrooms pattern on Ravelry. That was before I realized that BIG crocheted blankets are probably not something I'm going to be able to do with my wrist troubles. So, I'm planning on converting it to knit. And knit? This whole blanket will probably take me about 9 months. I'm thinking that what I'll do is a small section of it - say lap-blanket sized with about nine squares (with 8 weeks/ two months to complete). That will be my Order Mission. Then next fall, I will probably propose an OWL for an afghan which will be about 12 squares (with three months to do them). Then the following winter term, I will probably do three more squares in some form or another to finish the 'bulk' of the blanket. Seam them together between terms and I've got a finished blanket in the end. We'll see. Hopefully they will agree that nine squares of intarsia pattern converting a crocheted pattern to knit pattern is Mission worthy.

ETA: ooh, can't forget. Given enough time between the fish hat and the start of my order mission? I'm hoping to wrap up that little dragon for littlest grandson... it can be my WIP the first for June if I can get him 'almost done'.

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