Saturday, August 24, 2013

Too cute not to share right away

He's Azumarill ... and I don't think he turned out too bad. I would rather he was a little more 'eggy-shaped', and I wasn't happy at all with my bubbles. I wish I had used firmer wire for the tail. And the ears are quite heavy and want to flop the majority of the time. But the wire inside the ears was a brilliant design as they are definitely posable. And the mouth design is pretty brilliant as well. It really makes the face just-right. He was finished around 9:30 pm last night and little a was already in bed. But not asleep yet. So, he got to see it last night and it ended up sleeping the night with him. Which is something because it's hard for a 10 year old boy to go all gushy and give a girly 'it's sooooo cuuuuuute' claim and snuggle stuffies.

Of course, within five minutes he was thanking me for it, then thanking me for the NEXT one already promised to be made for him, but not started yet, AND requesting food for the Pokemon. lol.

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