Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept Mid-Month planning

1) WIP the First - DONE 

2) Class 1 - hat - DONE - Olifvander’s - charity hat 

3) NEWT to 50% - DONE

4) Pair of Yoga socks - DONE - Flourish & Botts leg protection 

5) Blanket square #1 - simple square, DONE - Quality Quidditch Supplies - selling it as a cloth for cleaning up -- plan on donating this to a baby blanket for a pride-mate

6) Blanket Square #2 - not so fast, an aran square - Apothecary - blue antique bottles as inspiriation NOT STARTED

7) Planned Partial - a mitered top for me - changing to Magical Menagerie class... original pattern was started and frogged three times before I decided it was not the pattern for me for this time... instead cast on and started a top that has vertical strips used in construction. Hoping it will still let me show off the good yarn and have some fun with construction.

8) Will probably have a hat (or three) on the needles for my traveling knitting - those will get tossed into Madame Maxime’s class at the end of the month Change of plans - one DONE and turned in

9) Quidditch Know Your Nimbus - hat made with favorite yarn and favorite top-of-the-line tools (addi clicks) DONE

10) Quidditch Know Your position - Yarn buster baby blanket (planning one for this month and the other for October) DONE

Unplanned, but DONE

A bracelet for Potage's Cauldron Shop

I'd also like to get Pikachu (yellow blob above) done this month, plus six more blocks, plus get the top as close to done as I can, plus my Aran square AND not the least, at least one more (or two or three) charity hats for Knockturn Alley. 

First half of the month was awesome and I was dedicated and look at all I got done. BUT, now it's been a couple of days where I haven't been able to knit hardly at all... and I can't find the yarn I need that I am running low on for Pikachu. Sigh. Been a rough week.

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