Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Collection of Hats & Scarves

Yes, I did brave the mittens, though I don't know how many more I will do, they were fun, but took a LONG time!!! and are too small for my little guy!

This is my little guy's scarf "made just for him" he reminds me each time he puts it on.

Scrap yarn I didn't like, but couldn't throw away...

This one is my absolute favorite, but it's too small for my year-old niece :-(

These next two were made with knitting looms, I'd never tried them before, they are quick and easy and a ton of fun, but I'm still exploring what they "can do" and the knittings a LOT looser than I like to do for some projects...

This one is a bit "itchy" because of the older style of yarn.... but get this, the yarn was only 25 cents for the whole skein; and I still have half a skein left... just not sure what I'll do with it because it really is kind of itchy! ugh!

Now, I loved how this turned out... it was self-striping yarn; although for some silly reason I thought I had to work in extra wide blue bands, not through the whole thing, but just at the ends! I'm still not sure why, but eh, it's different. Only issue was that it was truly intended as a gift for my nephew, but the hints of white in the blue area is actually almost silver and a little too girl-y for a farm boy! Next trip in to the store though and they had all this type of yarn on sale at 75% off! So now I've got purple, pink and orange besides the blue.... haven't decided on a project yet as I don't tend to wear stripes, but it's just too pretty! Maybe a small child's afghan for my niece?

Now, the purple hat is because after making the pink one (near the top), I just had to make a larger one that would fit my niece, and unfortunately I didn't have enough of the pink yarn left after the first hat. AND the store was out of pink. It is SOOO soft! Only thing is I wish I'd used more of the white "fur" around the rim as it turned out a little skimpy when it was all said and done. The second hat was a WAY too fun project to make the "bubbles" I'm trying to figure out how to use that style of knitting in a "boyish" set of colors and still have it look grown up... am guessing that it's going to be too baby-ish for my guys, but it was tremendous fun to work it up. In fact, I ended up working on this one until the late hours each time I turned around because it was just fun to do and I never wanted to put it down. It doesn't look nearly as nice on the reverse-side, so I couldn't figure out how to make a scarf to match it.

This was supposed to be a gift for my sister, but she "REALLY" doesn't look good with stocking hats! She put it on and I took mercy on her and told her to swap it out for one of my shawls I'd made. The yarn was originally bought for a lap afghan I was going to make for myself... until my brothers said it looked like something a cat coughed up .... DO NOT TELL MY SISTER THAT! Anyway, I pulled out the start of the afghan as I completely lost interest in ever making it and thought a nice scarf and hat would be complimentary to my sister's white winter coat. The pattern for the scarf is a lot like the multi-hued blue one above, and is designed to "curl" around itself. I just love the way it turned out, but - LOL still hate the color now.... darn it anyway... as I still have two large balls of this yarn left and can't think of anything to do with it!

Made to replace the blue & white self-striping scarf for my nephew... just love how this turned out, although the scarf isn't a tube scarf, it's all rolled up on itself. But it should still be enough to help keep my 3-yr old nephew warm. And the white "V's" are too easy to add and really help make it more attractive than simply red.

This was an experiment - just love the fun fur yarn colors....! I'm not much for wearing fur except perhaps with the mittens, hats and scarves, but if someone could carry it off on the neckline to a sweater in this gorgeous blue, I think it would be really something. Not something I could pull off, but it would be stunning on the right woman.

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