Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One of my first non-hat non-scarf projects

OK, OK - hats and scarves are easy... so this was my first non-hat; non-scarf project. I was eager to try something "different"...

This is a small rug about the size to put in front of the sink. Really thick and cushy... IT'S SUPPOSED to curve in at the ends the way it does... LOL .... only maybe it should curve in consistently - oh, well, the good news is I love the colors! It isn't actually a varigated yarn... can you believe it? It was actually made with THREE (!!) yarns that were double-sport weight. Thank goodness it's small, as towards the end there, I could barely hold it up as it was SO heavy on the needles. I used a deep brown, a rust, and the nuetral was a ivory that had specks of rust and brown in it to coordinate beautifully. It's been through the wash already a couple of times and is so soft and wonderful. When I was making it everyone suggested I make it into a blanket, but it would have been WAY TOO HEAVY. Lord it's like a quarter inch thick as it was.

Very simple pattern... here's a close up of the "panels" that make it up.

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