Friday, May 11, 2012

May Planning/Progress

Arm/wrist is fully healed... so I am off and running with projects! First my Heavily cabled sweater was finished on the first. Here's a shot taken by my 8 yr old son (so pardon the pic):
Here's a close up on the cabled center portion:
Other items finished: One hat for charity - DONE Baby blanket for Baby Shower - DONE
NEXT: Finish the Crochet Bronze Beauty top - free pattern from Lion's Brand Yarn. I'm doing mine in Navy KnitPicks CotLin yarn. Going quick and fits like a charm. Also in the works: Brioche Scarf done on 2-ply alpaca on BIG needles for lacy-effect. Pair of mini-socks done in Christmas colors & double-knit to test my theory that I can make a larger stocking with after-thought heel. Pair of adult socks for me - fairly simple pattern (tbd) to test out the Cotton sock yarn from KnitPicks to see if I can find a non-wool sock yarn. AND: I'm picking up and re-attempting the TKGA Master Knitters Level 1 program. Expect posts about it directly - should be (I hope) able to finish by End of July. I'm also picking up a top that's been frogged twice that's a Striped-T using Paton's Bamboo/Silk - I plan on starting this toward the end of May and finish by early July. Yes, indeedy - I am back! Now if I could just figure out how to do some glamour shots of myself... lol.

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