Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Planning


But I do have the following on the needles that will get picked up and worked on as the mood strikes!

  • OWL sweater - colorwork cardigan with about 10 hours remaining
  • Brown Sweater (started in October) - about 40 hours remaining
  • Mario Hat - duplicate stitching remaining - about 4 hours
  • Teddy Bear - 90% of him remaining - about 8 hours of work
So, I wouldn't mind finishing the last two of those. But the first two will get finished to the last end woven in and trimmed - so that I can turn them in for future WIPtheFirsts.

Christmas knitting that I haven't started yet and will probably do this month... though if I don't there won't be anyone applying any guilt (best and only type of Christmas knitting I will do).
  • Christmas ornaments for my family and Alex's teachers at school
  • Red scarf for my future daughter-in-law
Since it'll be the new year around the corner.... there is also one last WIP that hasn't gotten a mention all year.... the hibernating project, the dreaded alligator. About 20 hours of knitting remains on him. And it's down to the nit-picky little bits. Not much to do, but it's all down to somewhat fiddly and fussy. But he's been hibernating for about 18 months and I would like to finish him. If I can get him to within 99% of done, he can be an AWESOME WIPtheFirst in the future.

I will pick out a blanket project, order yarn and knit a swatch for the New Year at some point this month. 

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