Monday, December 24, 2012

Alex's Mario Hat

It's been bitter cold the last couple of days... and my little boy's last hat is just a little too small for him. He's been wearing some old ear muffs of mine, but I couldn't bear to let him go Christmas shopping with his big brother this weekend with a girl's ear muffs nor without any hat. And I had that Mario hat finished early... and he's big on Christmas gifts, but not as big on hand-knit clothing for Christmas. I figured he'd appreciate it more if it wasn't under the tree.

He was pretty happy about it (although it is just-a-bit too big). He's wearing it with the little Mario front and center (because that's his favorite in the hat). He's also wearing it cuffed up so it fits just a bit better.

He got a ton of compliments on it when he was out with big brother. Then he and I did our shopping together and he got even more compliments. He wasn't paying any attention when the cashier at the grocery store complimented him. So I stepped in and said, I'll take the compliment since I'd made the hat. She got really excited and couldn't believe it and told the other cashiers and the men working the bagging to take a look at the amazing hat.

Alex has been on and off the knit-worthy list lately, so I'm thrilled he likes his hat. And it's always nice to get good compliments on something you've made. I tend not to get many compliments, but the Mario hat was definitely a big win.

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