Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 First FO of the year

I WIPd the First with my Cardigan that I was trying to make last fall...  Here's the ravelry project link with details (open to non-Ravelry users).

It's the Velvet Morning Cardigan made with Knit Picks Shine Worsted that was custom dyed at  Beautiful colors, beautiful pattern.

I did A LOT of mods.
  • Converted to top-down, contiguous sleeve (though the button band was knit separately and seamed)
  • The only seaming was the button band
  • Skipped out on the button holes since I probably wouldn't button it even if I had buttons
  • I never did flippin figure out how on earth her repeat lines in the chart would EVER work math-wise; so I did the repeats however I felt moved to do them (but then tried to stick to the style as a section would repeat later in other rows).

These pictures are the best that I've gotten so far (for true to color). I'd love to get some shots with it on, but didn't have anyone to help me do them and trying to do cell phone pictures by propping up the phone? Not high on the success rate.

I just love the style of the colorwork with the variegated yarn. I realize that it makes the design harder to see, but I love, love, love that it's all just 'color' and a hint of pattern instead of a strong pattern. I'm wearing it to work today and getting tons of compliments and can't wait to share it with knitters. Too much to love.

I've also finished to the point of a final end to weave in two more bigger projects. But the intent is to finish one in February and a second one in March so I can keep WIPing the First.

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