Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2013 Planning Post

My OWL was approved! My OWL was approved!!!! I'm both really, really excited and really, really scared all at the same time. I'm now doubting my ability to get it done... but I'm going to give it a good college try.

My First blanket to start in 2013 (of the 13 blankets in 2013) is the Stained Glass Windows Afghan.  Stunning, really. I'm using Knit Picks Brava Worsted yarn in BRIGHT shades of the rainbow with the black edging (because really, you do need to use black for leading a stained glass window).  I'm making it 5 x 5 squares, so it'll come out a bit 'bigger' approximately 60" x 60". Plenty big to curl up under. 

Plus it's a perfect Potions project, with all that color?!

I am planning on proposing to make the Chocolate Passion Cardigan for my BROOM - Order of the Phoenix Mission. (which won't be able to be started until the end of the month) I am also using Knit Picks Brava Worsted yarn in brown as I really do look the dark, rich color from the pattern pictures. This has a very interesting construction and I'm looking forward to trying it. It also has some fun cable details and I do love me some nice, thick cables.

I'm planning to propose it under the infiltrate Hogwarts by posing as an OWL student. Since I've failed my Herbology OWL and this pattern is just under Herbology requirements, I'm certain this should fly.

I am going to work really hard at not over-doing my class participation this term. I am NOT jumping on the Crazy train. I am not jumping on the crazy train. I am not jumping on the crazy train. (I will be repeating this to myself often, don't mind me... just trying to get a little less cup-crazy).

1. Penelope the Empathetic Monster - by Rebecca Danger for the 600 Monsters project using stash leftover acrylic. They (and I) are aware that Sandy Hook is currently turning away contributions that they cannot manage. I think the whole world wanted to reach out and ease their burden simultaneously. This whole project was originally planned such as to hold off and provide the toys a little bit later after the flood wore off. They're still thinking that might apply, but if it's still too much at that time, they are planning on monsters going to children affected by violence anyway. Which is a wonderful opportunity to give a child a hug who needs it, even if it's from a distance.

I am planning on using Care of Magical Creatures to turn in this project under the option of - to provide strength.

2. Small baby blanket from Lion Brand I am planning to use some yarn I purchased at my LYS - Hill Vintage & Knits from Cascade Cherub in Aran (I think). In shades of Blue and Cream. This should be blanket #2 of 13 started this year.

Still have to decide which class this fits into at this point.

3. A blanket square of some sort - probably a heavily cabled one from O-Wool. They have a 12 month afghan project with a square per month. And January's month looks as good to me as any. This will be part of blanket #3 of 13 started this year - though unless I can figure out how to make more than one square a month, I might have some issues getting a blanket with only 12 squares.

I was thinking this would be an excellent fit for the Herbology prompt craft an item that is excessive in fussy details.

4. A hat (maybe only one, maybe more if I find myself needing more portable projects. This will be the one in my bag that I carry with me. I'm using stash yarn and making my Brioche watch cap (in the round) using worsted weight yarn. This is hat #1 of the 50 I'm attempting to make this year.

One of the yarns is variegated - so it should be a good fit for - Potions - Craft with a variegated or self-striping yarn.

I've looked at the Quidditch prompts and while I might participate, I might not. Nothing stands out right now as an 'ooooh - I need to do x'. I thought about post-poning working on my Monster to include it in the Mascot challenge, but I've already put off starting the monster for a week and while I'm glad I did, I'm also really glad not to wait even two more days. I thought about doing a second monster in new colors for Quidditch, but don't really feel the NEED to do so. And since I'm trying to avoid the crazy train, I think I'll save the participation in Quidditch for when I feel the NEED to do so (or, well, as soon as I can figure out a place to put a charity hat - lol).

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