Thursday, January 17, 2013

January mid-month Progress post


1. My failed Potions OWL cardigan - DONE - and worn on a regular basis ever since!

2. Penelope the Empathetic Monster - by Rebecca Danger for the 600 Monsters charity - DONE - just waiting to send off in the mail, should be able to get it sent off this week yet.

3.  Hat #1 - I caved to the Muse when I saw the Angry Birds Hat pattern - and it makes a terrific mascot for a quidditch team. - not planned, DONE - set aside for charity donation this fall - NOTE: since this was intended for charity, it turns out it's a very good thing that I made this as a small hat... as both my 9 yr old son and my 5 yr old grandson have both REALLY wanted to steal it. They didn't ask me to make one for them, but they are definitely jealous that someone else is getting it.

4. Hat #2 - Flying. After I posted my ideas for Quidditch and found out there were bonus points to be had in Quidditch if you tie your project to Flying option 3 (create a quidditch uniform) AND bonus points to be had in Flying if you also do Quidditch... AND a dear pride-mate was ALSO doing an Angry Birds hat, well, whipping out a quick, simple hat sure seems like a really good tie in for some extra points! - not planned, DONE - set aside for charity donation this fall.

5. Hat #3 - Basic 2-color Brioche hat for charity - will be turning this into Potions along with my Slytherin beast-quest team mate as we banish the beast that is colorwork - DONE - set aside for charity donation this fall.

Only 47 more hats for charity to do for 2013!


OWL - the Stained Glass Windows Afghan - 10% done. I have 5 squares finished (and am eternally grateful that while they seemed to want to curl and pucker while I was making them - that they smoothed out pretty well when they were squared off and finished). I do have some concerns that they aren't as 'squared' off as I would like - but I'm thinking that I'm just being too picky. I have 5 more squares started and should have them about half-finished by the end of this week. My goal is to make 5 complete squares every two weeks... which gets me 25 squares by the end of 10 weeks and leaves two weeks for seaming and bordering.

Each finished square is approximately 9" x 9".

Classes -

DADA - 25% done on blanket #2 of 13  on a small baby blanket from from Cascade Cherub in DK - two shades of blue + white. Using the Lion Brand Log Cabin Pocket Blankie pattern (link requires registration/log in). It's turning out cute, but the initial corner isn't looking very squared off. But I'm hoping blocking will help. Plus when I seam the pocket over the top, you won't see the initial square at all except from the back of the blanket.  I am loving the light-ness of the yarn and how nice the fabric is turning out. The baby is due this spring and I think it's going to make a great summer blanket. It seems like it's taking forever, but it really is going well. I just need to get more time to work on it - and I will have time this next two weeks, so I'm hoping to finish before the end of the month.

This is about 20" x 20".

Herbology - 33% done on my blanket square - I am using the January square which includes a ton of bobbles which made me hesitate. But I'm liking them a lot better than when I made a baby hat COVERED with the darn things. Still not my favorite thing in the world to make or to have them on a blanket, but it does bring textural interest. This is at the 1/3rd point after just starting it this last Sunday, so it should be easily finished before the end of the month.

When finished, I believe this will be about 12" x 12".


BROOM - Chocolate Passion Cardigan, won't get my starting whistle to start this until the last week of the month. But I've got the yarn and the needles and I am ready to cast on when the whistle blows. Since I'm not making any other sweaters this term, I'm kind of itching to get started.

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