Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two FO's - charity hats

The first is an ultra cute baby hat - pattern from The Summer Opossum. I used stash worsted weight yarn in red, white, black and yellow. A little fiber fill for the nose. The 'feathers' at the top aren't stuffed with anything except the yarn tails - but still feel are small enough in circumference to feel soft, squishy but still stand up well.

And then, a simple little worsted weight cap - about toddler child sized that's a nice coordinate for the angry birds. Red with a fairly simple white stripe.. I knit 1 white, slipped red for the first stripe round. Then knit two rows white. Then on the first red row, I slipped one white and knit 1 red stitch through to the end. Simple, straight forward and quick to knit.

These are both charity hats - #1 and #2 of the year - only 48 more to do for 2013.

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