Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July EOM Post (ha! Not so late, this time)

Hats - I ended up making one hat for my son, and SEVEN charity hats!

Here are the five that I turned into Charms and CoMC that haven't been posted here yet.

After finding that I had miscounted some of the earlier hats... my new total is 28 charity hats out of 50... 56% of my annual goal.

Finished the Mario baby blanket.

Aran Square - number 1. Number 2 was just too much to tackle... mostly because it took me three times to get guage on this square.

Instead, I did another yarn-eating baby blanket. I held four strands together of various yarns... to get about 4000 yards used up and represent # 7 of the finished blankets completed out of the 13 in my goal.

And last, but not least... the finished top that I 'just had to make'.

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