Wednesday, July 17, 2013

June EOM post -REALLY late

I've been having issues with Blogger and my home pc. I give up... it's not worth the battle. Just don't tell my co-workers or bosses that I'm doing this with my work pc!

Detention project - AIRL rescue blanket. - DONE

Socks! - DONE

Couple of Charity hats - DONE
Quidditch tote bag - DONE
Tank top - DONE and super-uper cute. I love this tank. When cash flow permits, I will be custom-ordering more in dark colors and making more summer tops!  This was made with cotton/linen blend and I love the slightly marled yarn and the stitch texture. Just LOVE it.

Mario Mushrooms blanket (well the first part - did 9 squares for this part)....  not finished before June EOM.. but finished last week. Planning to tackle another 15-square section this fall, a 6 square section at some point and seaming the whole thing together .... maybe done by next spring?

2 hour baby blanket - DONE

Adipose - skipped for this month, just not enough time.

2 blanket squares - well, one was done - but this was done for a gift blanket as opposed to one of mine (so I'm still behind in my 13 in 2013 blanket goal)...

Busy month, June was. Coming soon, my July planning post... only over half-way through the month ...


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