Monday, January 13, 2014

An itty bitty pile of itty bitty FO's

First off, the teeniest, tinyest little canary.

It's about two inches... sooo tiny. I made it with the Bluebird knitting pattern, made of course, with yellow yarn instead. This yarn is the leftovers from the incomplete Pikachu from last fall that I ran out of matching yarn on ... I've been using it up a bit here and there on various projects, frogging it as I work on the next item.  Hobby Lobby in the fluorescent yellow that I can't find in their stores nor website any longer. It's a heavy worsted, but I used tiny needles and it stayed nice and tiny. It probably took about 45 minutes to make from start to finish. I used crinkly plastic around the stuffing so that it makes a satisfying noise when grabbed... and I left a slight opening at the very bottom and have been periodically sticking a little catnip in... the cat is intrigued, but doesn't want me to see her playing with it (she's still working on haughty disdain).

Very fun to knit, and turned out really REALLY cute.

HPKCHC Note: This was a great turn-in for CoMC being 'yellow' which was one of the recommended colors for the class prompt. I also did it in honor of my pride, the canary creams as someone had suggested that we could make matching canaries to show pride unity.

And then I also whipped out a cute little ball rattle with the same leftovers...

This was made with a free online pattern - Baby Ball Rattle. To try to keep it 'noisy' and washing machine safe... I wrapped a couple of small jingle bells in a plastic pouch which was wrapped with fiberfill... and I'm hoping that means it can be filthy, yet tossed in the washer and dryer at will. Time will tell, I guess.

Again, a super quick project. Though the rapid increases and rapid decreases were a bit irritating and it wasn't my favorite project. However, not having any seams? That was a very good thing!

HPKCHC Note:  This was turned in for Divination... one of the prompts was to make something inspired by change. My brand new grandbaby who I don't expect to meet until this summer? Well, that seems like a big change that needed to be honored.

And lastly - a super cute Baby sweater (which ended up just HAVING TO HAVE a hat as well), because ... OMG the cute.

The photo is more in focus than you can tell from this shot... the green/white variegated and the white with shots of pale, colors is pretty light... and threw the camera for a little bit of a loop. The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts using discontinued yarn from Bernat yarns, specifically their Jacquard Jr's line. It's a sport weight yarn that does self-patterning with sections of variegated and stretches of stripes (as you can see by the sweater).  They do still carry the Baby Jacquard line which is more pastel yet... and tends to be true baby colors. But, I fell in love with the Junior line as it has a less baby-true palette and more bright colors.  I had purchased enough to make a small child sweater... And this sweater and hat didn't even use a full skein... so I am still trying to figure out what the next project this yarn is destined to become.

I made a slight mistake in placing the placket ... but it's a newborn sweater and honestly? with the baby due in August, it's unlikely to end up getting worn much, if at all. I figure though that cold air conditioning and/or a cool evening means that this way they have a sweater for the baby. If he/she never gets to wear it, well, then I can stress less about the mistake anyway.  It's great being able to pour a little love into a simple, cute project and it felt like this sweater practically knit itself. About the only things I would change (besides putting the placket in the right spot) is to use a more stretchy cast-on. I used the long-tail cast-on and the waist band and wrist cuffs are still a bit tight.

HPKCHC Note: Muggle Studies asked us to make items of clothing that Professor Quirrel might have worn during the times when he would have been a Muggle Studies professor. Well, wizards generally have a quite odd sense of clothing styles... and I did think about posing with the sweater on my head mock-turban style and the hat on my hands... but then I ended up stating that I simply practiced my reducto charm to shrink the items so that they would fit the new grand baby. No response yet from the professors, but I really don't expect one... they usually love little twists like that to help sell the project.

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