Friday, January 3, 2014

My 2014 first FO's

It hardly counts, but weaving in one last end on the first of the month is becoming a tradition that's hard to break!!!

Here (with a little better lighting) is my striped Mermaid T...

I'm not entirely thrilled with the bottom edge. I'm putting it through laundry and we'll see what it does. I might end up having to add a couple of rows of crochet to get some 'weight' on it so it's not so curly and odd... It's supposed to flair slightly, but this is an out and out curl, which is not my style. Love the upper half tremendously and it does fit well... so now if I can just get the hem to settle down.

And secondly, my first charity hat of the year... cast on and finsihed on January 1. No set goal in mind for number of charity hats completed, but my goal is to use up scraps of leftover bits and pieces of yarn. So stripes will be common!

It's bright and red and cheery. I got to use up one small ball of burgandy-ish red and most of the scrap ball of a variegated red... and half of the ball of white. What's too little to save for future hats will find it's way to my scrap braided rug project.

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