Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 goal-less-ness

2011 was the year of the hats. My charity goal for the year was 100. I made 101 (because I can't count).

2012 was the year of the sweaters. My goal was 12 tops for myself - I made 10. But I also hurt my wrist and was out of commission for over six weeks. I also set a charity hat goal of 40 - I made 80 (call me inspired).

2013 was the year of the blankets. My goals were posted yesterday. I didn't make my blanket goal. The problem was that my goals seem to still carry forward. I still had a sweater goal (which I barely made), but also a sock goal (not quite made either), and a charity hat goal (exceeded by 1, this time because I felt inspired).

2014? The outlook for 2014 is pretty hazy. I don't want to do a big goal. I'll still probably knit a lot. Right now I have a complex cabled sweater for myself in the plans... a hoodie for little 'a' in the plans... a baby sweater in the plans... some baby blankets... some charity hats. But, I think this year? This year... it'll be whatever inspires me at the time as opposed to doing x number of things.

2014 is going to be the year without a goal.


Random and inspired instead of regimented.

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