Monday, December 30, 2013

Review of 2013 Goals

I don't think I did too bad... for the most part, I accomplished a lot of knitting in 2013.

Here's how I did:

3 tops/sweaters for me - 3 done! Well, one still has an end to weave in, but that's intentionally waiting until February 1st.

I think the two-tone chevron top is my favorite of them all. But am thinking I ought to focus on making a few more long-sleeved ones, huh?

I also wanted to make 3 pairs of socks... but only managed two pair, and since the second pair were yoga socks (so no heels and no toes), they feel like cheating. I didn't hate them... but am not sure about making lots of socks again any time soon.

Though, in all fairness, I think I ought to be able to include the pair of socks I made for my son.... afterall, they do fit me perfectly (and don't have much growing room for his ever-growing feet).

I also had it in my head that I was going to make 13 blankets in 2013 (nothing like shooting high, huh???) But most of these were going to be baby blankets. And as always, there were still plenty of babies needing blankets, so I'm down to only one baby blanket at home right now (go figure). But, I only accomplished 9 blankets, with a few squares to make a 10th one... but not remotely enough squares for it in the end.

Then there was the goal to make 50 charity hats, I exceeded that goal, by just one. Not too bad, not too bad at all.

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