Friday, December 20, 2013

Next WIP

Picked up the Mermaid Tee project... this was set aside in October when it was taking longer than I liked to finish it... and then I ended up having a baby shower invitation pop-up, so I ended up throwing together a quick baby blanket for the Quidditch this was intended for.

I should have totally taken a photo of the knit spaghetti before I started to pin it out... it looked like... well, it looked like rolled up, stockinette scraps.

I've pinned the items out as they were finished in October in the rough-shape of the schematic for seaming the parts together.

If I hadn't told you it was a shirt, I bet it would be virtually impossible to have figured it out.

The bottom half is the back (just needing one strip for under the left arm). The center is over the shoulders (just missing the sleeves). The top half is the front (just needing the strip for under the right arm and the two strips for the center front).

I've just finished under arm sections and have cast on and started knitting the front panels. Hoping to have them done by tomorrow night. A couple more days (give or take with the holidays) and I should be able to knit up the short sleeves. That leaves a TON of seaming - but it's an exposed seam, so the plan is to use single crochet to seam it up.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it again now. I just wish that the color changes were a little longer... but I think it's going to be a fun way to use self-shading color yarn and think I should have a finished garment by boxing day.

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