Monday, December 16, 2013

The Long Haul

Some projects are a bit LONGER than others.

Sometimes it's a complete slog, but you really, really want the finished item.  Because in all honesty? If it's no fun AND you don't REALLY want the finished items, let's face it - those items don't get finished! In point of fact... the double-knit blanket? got frogged this last weekend. The yarn has been reclaimed and is destined to become something else. Don't know what yet, I have a couple of ideas and only time will tell.

Sometimes it's a lot of fun, but just immense amount of work. That's the current Mario Mushrooms blanket. Each section was fun... but each section took a lot of time. I did a 9-block section for an Order Mission (my first and only complete Order Mission in the history of Order Missions). I did a 15-block and 6-block section for half of my NEWT (my first and only complete NEWT). I did a strip, that was the equivalent of a 5-block section for the top a week ago.  I finished the last strip (another equivalent of a 5-block section) this week.

All the ends have been woven in - so after a bit of seaming and a few more ends woven in... we should have a finished blanket. Plenty early for Christmas! And being it's my last Christmas present to make, I'm feeling pretty good about that.

I have only four remaining WIPs on the needles:

1. Fingerless gloves from October - these really need to be frogged and restarted - so I'll wait until January to maximize points.

2. My Braided I-cord scraps rug... this is a long-term WIP. Fun to work on... lots of work. Funny enough, while it's simple enough knitting - it's always fun to see how the unexpected scraps of color turn out as I am adding them quite randomly - and by the tme you have three different random sections that then get braided - it's quite enjoyable. I do bits and pieces of it as I come up with yarn scraps. I originally was thinking this was going to be a five to ten year project. But honestly? At the rate it's growing - it'll be ready for use within a few years.

3. My Mermaid Tee. Over 50% done. Cast-on originally for Quidditch for a seeker position - but set aside and never turned in for anything as it was taking so long to make. And I needed a quick baby shower baby blanket - which I used instead to earn points. Probably about 20 hours left of knitting and another five to six hours of seaming. Simple, straightforward knitting. Boring. It's using a self-shading color change yarn which should make it more interesting... but it's really not. But put on a good tv show and I should be able to pound away at it. I was originally thinking I should focus on my fourth WIP through the end of the month... but it's kind of intimidating... so maybe I'll take  the easier project of the two to focus on for a bit.

4. My Chocolate Passion Cardigan. This thing was a bear. I kid you not. There was a chart with a repeat. Then there was cabling (which couldn't really totally be in the chart due to short rows) plus garter stitch. THEN there were short rows (not in chart) AND there were also increases (not in chart) simultaneously. I have two sides - left and right. And had finished one incorrectly and didn't catch it until I was at that point in the pattern on the other side and realized I had missed the increases. I wrote stuff down and set it aside in frustration. And now can't find my notes. I reprinted the pattern and have no idea where I am as far as the pattern goes on the side that is live right now.... so I'll probably frog back to the last 'recognizable' point. Yes that's in quotes and I probably overdo using quotes... but I'm seriously  doubting there is going to be a recognizable point (insert  quiet little stifled sob here). Hopefully I can figure that out and finish one side correctly. And hopefully based on that - I can figure out how much of the other previously finished side needs to get frogged and restarted. Add some sleeves to knit and some seaming and buttons... and maybe, at some point this might become a sweater. Originally, I had planned on tackling this first. And I really do think I'll like the finished sweater a lot. But, it's the kind of thing that needs peace and quiet. I don't usually get a lot of that. However, I'm taking several days off towards the end of the year... and it looks like my son is spending most of those days with his dad.

So... my plan of attack is to watch a bunch of Christmas movies with the boys after school this week... and see if I can't pound out the rest of the knitting needed for the Mermaid Tee. I could seam it this weekend and get it turned into Flexible Scheduling for Nerdwars. Enjoy the holidays - if my fingers itch - I can always cast on a couple of charity hats to work on. Then by boxing day...  after my son goes to dad's house... I can drag out the Chocolate Beast and spend a little time in quiet focus.

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