Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May plans

Classes !

Detention - Hat

Charms - water inspired for augamenti charm - a blue Hat (yes, yet another hat)

Muggle Studies - inspired by stamps - socks - simple variegated blue yarn for a - (his favorite color) - man are his feet ever getting big - I found a blue princess stamp, still debating if it's ok to poke fun that I used a princess stamp to make socks for my very-much-a-boy son

Divination - Two colors - Hat (yes, yet another hat)

CoMC - something for the home - I'm making what will technically be photo props, we'll call them hot pads as most people don't knit little squares for photo props... but my goal is to get some macro images of the knitting and blow them up poster sized, frame them and post them as art in my home

History of Magic - inspired by Wall of China - handbrake cowl, a pattern gifted to me by a dear friend; with yarn she had gifted me at a different time; and I'm planning on using the spiraling lines formed in the pattern to make up a story about running after lost firsties.

DADA - something that needs a final 'hardening' stage - my original non-Rav craft this month didn't get accepted (upcycling old windows) - so I still wanted to try something non-Rav... and another member of the cup asked if she could use glue to seal (harden - or make permanent) something that basically was a type of home-made snow globe. So, I'm ready to make another mediation bottle.

Potions - something green - littlest a is due to get thrummed slippers and I chose green for his... they are super quick and turn out adorable.

Transfiguration is the only one I couldn't quite come up with something for - unexpected color... I'm kind of stumped on this one. Although, worst case I can always make Yet another hat - maybe in a color I don't care for, pink comes to mind quite quickly on that.

Other non-class projects:

My upcycle for the windows... I have all the materials now. Two large windows. Gold spray glitter, silvering spray, water & vinegar.... though I might need to pick up new hanging rings - as I think they'll easily be around 30 pounds each and I'm thinking two hangers on each - and hanging them over my fireplace.

And I need to make a card for my niece who is graduating at the end of the month... it's on the list, no idea what I'll do yet... but I'm sure I can find a tacky idea if I wait until the last minute - sigh.

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