Thursday, May 28, 2015

May progress

Classes !

Detention - Hat - Done

Charms - water inspired for augamenti charm - a blue Hat (yes, yet another hat) - Done

Muggle Studies - inspired by stamps - socks - simple variegated blue yarn for a - (his favorite color) - man are his feet ever getting big - ... found a fox in socks stamp inspired by Dr Suess - better tie in!
 - Done

Divination - Two colors - Hat (yes, yet another hat) - Done

CoMC - something for the home - photo props/hot pads - Done

History of Magic - inspired by Wall of China - handbrake cowl - Done

DADA - something that needs a final 'hardening' stage - third plan is the charm... ended up doing a Graduation Card for my niece and use the 'glue' hardening as the final stage - Done

Potions - something green - littlest a is due to get thrummed slippers and I chose green for his... they are super quick and turn out adorable. - Yikes - his feet ARE big!!! Have to frog back and lengthen them... about 50% done

Transfiguration - unexpected color - Yes, another Hat - Done

Other non-class projects:

My upcycle for the windows... I have all the materials now. Two large windows. Gold spray glitter, silvering spray, water & vinegar.... though I might need to pick up new hanging rings - as I think they'll easily be around 30 pounds each and I'm thinking two hangers on each - and hanging them over my fireplace. -- still need to work on these.

OWL progress...

Basket bottom is about 8" x 14" - am hoping to add the other 6" to the bottom yet this weekend.
Rug is about 10" x 44" - want to add another 2" to the rug this weekend.
Sweater is about 14" - want to add another 1-2" to the body.

Mission progress - two sweaters, want to be at 25% on both by next weekend.
Phoenix (half lace, some ribbing) - at 50% mark (what can I say... working with silk and some cotton that is nicer to knit with than I expected).
Indian Cross Stitch tunic - have about 2" done... the first 1/3 will take the longest time... so if I can get past the yoke I'll call it good.

Of course, then there's also Quidditch match #2 which started today... two more hats (yes, yet more hats)... which I'm ALSO hoping to whip out this weekend.... too bad I'll be in the car a lot this weekend.

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