Monday, October 29, 2012

A few more little FO's

I finished the custom-ordered Christmas Stocking:

Tons of fun to make. I had a lot of seaming and embroidery to finish it.  The pattern has you knit all of it in as intarsia - and I do make the hat and the snowman like that. But I like adding the others as duplicate stitch, embroidery or actual physical items sewn in - I like the 3-D effect from all of that. 

Last time I made this, I thought I would do all of the colorwork as sewn-on... but this is going to the same family that got the last stocking in this design... and I figured it would be better if they match.

I also completed a braided ball. Very cute, very fun, very easy.... well, except for the braiding part. I think I still messed up a little on one side, but it's close. And it really was a 'huh, can I figure it out - kind of project'. I might let the little guy or my dog take this one and pick different color options for the next one.

While I get the premise that you knit in stockinette (and it curls under) and that part of that helps build the bulk of the ball - it still seems kind of wasteful to knit 18 stitches and only have 7 stitches visible because the rest is all curled under. But I did love that after I finished seaming that I just tuck the ends in under the curled edges and pretend like they don't exist instead of weaving them in. I'd rather do that any day.

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