Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Knitting - for fun

I needed to make a little something last year in red and gold and had found a cute little amigorumi lion.... and I gave it to my son. Who promptly asked me to make him a little house. I thought it was silly and was NOT going to do it. Until I got tempted to participate in a gnome-home-along and thought, what they hey, why not?

And then he asked for more... so I came up with this story line (and it's probably not done yet... as there are other things he's asked for. I'm just waiting for the right moment, and then I'll add to this.

If you give a little boy a toy…..

a cute little amigurumi little lion…

he will hug it and play with it and name it Lionel….

but before too long, he’ll come around…

Lionel Lion needs a house, mom!

Lions in the wild don’t have houses, why does this lion need a little house?

Lions in the wild sometimes find caves, mom.

You could make him a cave, with an opening just right-sized for him, couldn’t you?

But why does Lion need a house?

Because sometimes he gets cold. And sometimes he gets scared. And he could hide in the cave from our dog who wants to chew on him.

// Very sound reasoning, don’t you think?

If you give a boy a house for a lion….

He will hug you and run and get the lion and show Lionel Lion his new home.

And then he will come back to you and inform you….very earnestly:

But, MOM! He needs dinner!!!


BECAUSE EVERYONE needs food, including little lions.

But he’s a stuffed animal, does he really need food?

Yes, MOM! EVERONE needs food… you don’t want him to staaaarve, do you?

So, here you go, little lion… a nice, raw T-Bone steak dinner just for you. Enjoy!!

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