Monday, October 1, 2012

October Planning

  • Finish my Ambiette for Detention - WIP the First, I hope; but the second will work if I can't quite get it finished.
  • Small crochet item for fun for my Son - Oct 2nd - Food related item for Quidditch
  • Get part-way through the colorwork section of the current project:  OWL - Velvet Morning (whole month)
  • Dye yarn for the gradient yarn for Fingering Weight sweater - Chromatic
    (pre-October Planning) - Oct 6th -- turn this into Charms to get my yarn to blend in with my current rainbow colored stash
  • Quick Hat #1 - Oct 6th -- turn this into Herbology for the "go-to" pattern that brings comfort
  • Start (and hopefully get half-way through) said Fingering Weight Sweater (whole month) - For my mission of blending in with Muggles in the Order Mission
  • Start and finish - Avril in April (rav link) (whole month) -- still don't know what class this would fit into
  • Ten baby- or preemie-sized hats for the Period of Purple Crying project - Oct 10-26 Quidditch
  • TKGA Submission Hat - Oct 13th -- still don't know what class this would fit into
  • Baby ball -- Muggle Studies, I'm sure my dog will help me sell that this could also be used as a dog toy
  • Christmas Stocking for Charity Auction - Pattern selected by winner (whole month) - Snowman stocking

So, one full adult sweater, a third of another adult sweater, plus half of a third adult sweater (in fingering weight, no less).

Plus 2 Adult hats.

Plus 10 baby hats.

Plus a couple of other small and not-so-small items?

Another busy month for me.

Plan on using stash for all but the Chromatic sweater. That yarn has been shipped, but not yet received. I am actually working from home today as it is supposed to be attempt number 2 at delivery.

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