Monday, February 25, 2013

Custom-made Knitting Notions bags are in

AND they are BEYOND aweome....!!!!

These were made by the AMAZING Kara who has a shop on Etsy - Darn it! Sew What!

She made them to my request and I think they turned out beyond cool.

First, some Gryffindor pride!

And we can't forget the awesomeness that is a stealthy craft ninja!

The material & zippers are of high quality. The embroidery is amazing. They are lined with contrasting fabric and the perfect size to hold about any notions in a knitting bag that one would want.

Add that she found the most-perfect images to use? And I couldn't be more pleased.

They run $14 regularly, although she did give a 10% discount to folks at the Knitting Retreat last month if they wanted to place a custom order. I've bragged about them on Ravelry and Facebook already... and figured I'd better pop in here and share the awesomeness on my blog as well.

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