Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb Mid-Month Progress Report


Keep working on the Stained Glass Afghan - goal will be to have 20 blocks completed by February 28.
Not happening. Sadly the project is bothering my wrists too much.

I have five more squares done (total of ten now). And I'm hoping to start a couple more this month and maybe turn them in for yardage... we'll see.


Cast on Chocolate Passion Cardigan with Knit Picks Brava in dark brown (need to find buttons!).  Get to 50% done by February 28.

This is still feasible... I've got the back done. The front two sides also includes the over-sized border...

... pictures will be along a little later.


Flying - Bunny Buddy Baby Blanket (half plushie, half baby blanket) DONE

Charms and Muggle Studies - Charity Brioche hat x 2 DONE (pics posted previously)

DADA - Brioche Scarf

Muggle Studies - February Cabled Square
Herbology - Dishcloth DONE - x 4

Divination - February cabled square - to be started

two baby hats - one cabled, one crocheted with an i-cord & flower DONE

So, current plans are to start the February Aran square tomorrow. Work on the Broom cabled sweater. And work one or two squares of the Windows Afghan - though I'll probably make them one at a time so that I can turn in any that I finish into a seventh class.

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