Friday, June 21, 2013

June Mid-month progress (albeit a little late)

Detention project - AIRL rescue blanket. - DONE

Socks! Bamboo/rayon blend. Nice, soft, fit well.... simple pattern, super-fast. - DONE

Photo taken in New Jersey... can almost, but not quite, make out the Empire State Building between my toes....

Couple of Charity hats - DONE (well, a couple are done, we might fit one more in, if I find time - unlikely, but possible).

I know, I know... more brioche hats. But at least I played a little with color and went back to doing two-tone worsted weight hats a little bit and set aside the bulky weight yarn (for now).

Quidditch tote bag... the top came out too small. But I've stuck this in my utility room and it's great for storing plastic bags from shopping in. I re-use them around the house all the time, so it's actually pretty nice to have something for it. - DONE

Not as fast a project as one would have hoped. I did do it in one day. But considering that day was spent in airports, airplanes and taxi rides, I would have been happier if I could have finished it within a couple of hours instead of closer to eight hours. (should have done crochet)


Still working on my tank top... Not going very quickly as I haven't had much time devoted to it... poor thing, seriously neglected. (sorry, no photo) - About 33% done - hope to finish before end of June.

Still working on the first section of my son's Mario Mushrooms blanket. Four squares done, fifth square needs some embroidery done. Four more squares to cast-on and finish, plus seaming. - About 50% done - hope to finish mid-July.

NOT YET STARTED.... and honestly? at this point, might not get started unless this weekend holds a spectacular amount of knitting time.

2 hour baby blanket - If I can get tank top to 50% AND the fifth square finished -  I might take a break and work on this... we'll see.

Adipose - it doesn't seem like it would take more than a couple of hours to whip this out... but it's on my low priority list.

2 blanket squares - I'm behind in my blanket projects... and working on this would help me out with that... but I'm not even going to try to cast it on until the end of the month - and only then assuming I get other things finished first.

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