Monday, June 3, 2013

May - end of month progress post

Previously posted -

2 scarves
1 crocheted necklace
1 macrame'd bracelet
6 of the 7 charity hats

1 more charity hat (won't picture it - looks just like the others)

Dead Fish Hat!

I used scraps of acrylic up - and it turned out adorable. I did get my 9 yr old son to wear it for about five seconds, as long as I promised to NOT take a picture of it... But it turned out cute!

And while waiting for the "GO!" moment on my Order of the Phoenix mission... I decided to go ahead and finish the Dragon I started in April. Grandson thinks it is AMAZING and HE LOVES IT... and has named it "Stuffy".... :-)

He got turned into Detention in May - and has gone home to live with grandson who is definitely going to be giving him a full life.

Lastly - I got one square finished for the Order Mission - eight more to go, plus seaming. Photos to come.

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