Monday, June 3, 2013

June planning post

I got a dozen squares in a swap project over a year ago.... and they weren't 'quite' what I had in mind... but were lovely squares. I've been meaning to seam them up for AGES into pet blankets for the ARL.

HPKCHC -- When I don't have a WIP the First project ready to go, (and my wrists aren't in splints) the plan is to grab four of them and whip one out for Detention.

I picked up some CoSaBi yarn a couple of months ago - bamboo/rayon blend for socks!  The thought is that it just might be a way to get some socks for me that I can wear year-round and not be slipper-socks. Acrylic hasn't worked in the past (well, except for great house slipper-socks). So - a pair of socks!

HPKCHC -- Charms has a 'make a person look good' option - so I'm thinking some pretty lilac hand-knit socks are just the ticket.

NerdWars -- Nerdology Challenge is to look into alternative transportation. Walking! Feet - need coverage for long walks. Still uncertain of my team tie-in I want to use for June. Might be Team Tardis, might be something with Mythology - must decide.

Charity Hats - at least one, maybe two

HPKCHC -- Divination has us staring into the Fire for finding answers to questions. Global Warming and severe storms has me worried about weather. I see cold people in the fire seaking warmth.... so warm hats for charity will help me for the vision.

NerdWars - Giving Geeks Challenge is to prepare for foul weather during fair weather. I plan to donates the hats finished this month, plus some of the earlier hats done this year to a clothing donation site. (Normally I wait until Fall - but they need to be 'delivered' now).

I picked up some lovely cotton/linen blended tonal yarn at the LYS last Saturday... LOVELY yarn. I want to support my LYS, plus I love that they take the time to think about me with their non-wool-content yarn. Since they keep me in mind, I want to recipricate by buying up the lovelies!  They didn't quite have enough of the dark green for a top, but they had a really nice tan-nuetral color to go with it. I'm thinking a stripey tank.

HPKCHC -- Care Of Magical Creatures - Protect yourself from heat. Cotton/Linen yarn? Yeah - this is an easy fit.

NerdWars - Encyclopedia Challenge - has us using Birthdates as inspiration. I found out that the birth stone for June USED TO BE Agate. I found some nice agate photos - one that had a ripple stripe look (but not green, sadly) and another with a nice shade of green. I'm pretty sure I can sell the top as inspired by agate.

13in2013 is suffering - between blankets not wanting to be the size planned and seven weeks in splints... I'm planning a SUPER fast baby blanket (colors to be determined). Double Crochet - with stripes. Simple and fast. 

HPKCHC -- History of Magic has us making baby items

NerdWars - Discovery Challenge - inspired by new life - need I say more?

Aran Blanket Square - at least 1 - pattern to be determined - in a shade of blue

HPKCHC -- Herbology - Craft a cushioning object to hold your pottery to protect it - strategic pic with some pottery on top should work.

Adipose! My inner Doctor Who Geek has been wanting to make one for ages. I wasn't going to do it this month, but then I saw a prompt and decided I could write up a cute little story line with the Adipose.... and how often can you tie Dr Who to Hogwarts? Not often, let me just say. But it should be fun.

HPKCHC -- Defense Against the Dark Arts - make your presentation of what you think a Boggart will look like if it doesn't have anyone looking at it (which would make it turn into the object you fear the most). Adipose are cute, little giggly things... sweet, and harmless. Well, harmless when they are removed from your body slowly... deadly in other circumstances. Kind of like how a boggart is harmless all by itself, but when you confront one - well, not so much!

NerdWars -- Flexibility Challenge - Tied to a drink - I'm thinking Adipose makes me think of my nutrition shake. Mostly white and cold (why do I think they're cold? eh) and formless.... and affects your body weight.

Totebag - I'm a sucker for bags of all sorts... and when I found out there was going to be a speed challenge for making a totebag ON THE DAY I have to get up at 5:00 AM AND SPEND THE DAY TRAVELING (but not driving) - with MUNGO knitting time! Well. Try to keep me from signing up!

HPKCHC -- Quidditch speed trials - Training Film #3 - Start June 6th - competing against other crafters and most points for the early finishers.

NerdWars -- Flexibility Challenge - Not sure I can tie it easily to a drink - but thankfully, they made the challenge optional this term (NICE!).

I'd also like to make at least 2 charity hats and 2 blanket squares - but I don't know if they will fit into Quidditch event number two or get turned into classes with another object. I'll wait to turn the others in until I know what the Scrimmage #1 event requirements are.

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