Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Charity Hat, NEWT progress, plus a family hat

The prompt for this hat was to make something you've made before. And yeah... I've done a TON of these two-color brioche hats. But, I had taken a bit of a break from them... so it took a little longer at each row change to remember, then muscle memory took over.

As I made this one (using DK weight yarn)... it seemed to take a really, really long time to make. Of course, while I was working on it at the KnitXMidwest retreat... I was spending some time socializing. I was also sitting next to someone who crocheted 10 baby hats in the same time it took for me to knit 4" on this hat. So, I was feeling a little 'inefficient'. But, I wanted to play more with the two shades of purple (dark and variegated) yarn that I had picked up at the shop the evening before... and this was hat #2 out of the yarn. Plus I should have enough for at least two more baby hats.... that will probably be simple stockinette with some striping. Fun colors, fun retreat... and whether or not I felt 'efficient'... I felt productive... and a little tired. Retreats can be exhausting. I didn't finish the hat until last weekend... I had set it aside to do other things and got back to it when I needed a break from working on Pikachu and the Mario blanket.

It may not seem like much - but there's a good 8" of progress on Pikachu (yeah... well, at this point he's a yellow 'bag' shape...lol) and a ton of progress on the Mario blanket (still to be revealed in more glory).

And then there was my son... who has MANY special hats made for him... going to school without a hat on a cold day. Why, you might ask? Becuase he's 10 and he wants to dissapear into the woodwork at school. So, I made him a 'don't notice me' hat, which he wore for about 10 seconds. Maybe when it gets a little colder. I used the lovely new Red Heart With Love Yarn for the black. It's oooooh- so soft, squishy and thick. It made quick work of the hat and I made sure to get it finished Sunday night so he could wear it to school yesterday (as if). I love him... I really truly do. But, sometimes one has to wonder what's in his head.

Actually, it's REALLY cold out today. But he's at home with a fever? Perhaps because he was outside yesterday in the snow and the cold and with no hat???? hmmmm.... perhaps. Little stinker. 

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