Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mario Blanket progress

This has been a fairly long project.

I did 9 blocks in two months for my one and only successful Order Mission:

Then the plan was to do 21 more squares... the first 18 are here:

And now I've finished the last 3 that I had planned.

As I was working on these last few squares... I felt really good about my progress. The brick squares had started to get a bit tedious. But the questions and mushrooms go really quite quickly. The bright colors are fun and entertaining. Add that the mushrooms charts are quite symmetrical (means that chart reading is simplified as it doesn't really matter if you are on an odd or even row).  But, also a bit nervous. I cannot imagine what I was thinking when I bought my son a new bed... a full sized mattress as opposed to a twin. What was I thinking? I embark on a five month long project like this and change out the bed for a bigger bed at the middle of the project? I figure I'll get it all seamed and decide if I actually need to add another vertical panel to the whole thing to make it big enough. As it was, I was already worried about the length and had some thoughts to adding a horizontal band at the top (for sure) and possibly even across the bottom. If the length is also too short - I'll have to figure out what the next steps are and just how much bigger to make it and the best way to do it.

Either way, I'm going to try to focus my intentions onto my son's wonderful attitude improvements and try to stress less about how long it's taking. This blanket should be a really nice treat for his room.

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