Friday, November 15, 2013


Or not so much.

I've been knitting and knitting on the Picachu Pokemon stuffie. And there is SO MUCH MORE to do.

It's a little hard on my hands knitting at a tighter than natural guage (so the stuffing won't show).

Last night I put in a good hour to an hour and a half and got another half inch done.

Set it aside and cast-on a scarf for my son to match his black hat. In about 45 minutes (BIG needles) I got about 4" done.  I so need to do more knitting like this! Let me just say how rewarding it felt to have the visible changes done before I set it aside before bed. The black is a bit boring... but I was enjoying watching some of the older shows on Misfits on Hulu Plus... and mindless and fast knitting was the perfect compliment.

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