Thursday, November 14, 2013

On the simple black hat

Little 'a' needed a hat that did not call attention to himself. I get it,  he's 10. Making yourself noticeable can make you a target.

The hat was made, was worn long enough to take a photo... then a scornful look and it got dragged off and thrown at me. Admittedly, he was grumpy, it was the first day of basic skills testing.

But then it got downright COLD. Hat got worn on Wednesday. Last night I got a hug... the hat was warm and cozy and did NOT catch anyone's attention. Today, he put the hat on without any comment and headed to school. Victory.

Though now I'm debating a black with red stripe scarf to go with the hat because it'll be getting even colder here before too long. And the only scarf he has right now is the one he stole from me when he was about 4... and it's bright blue fun fur. A little girly at 4; exceptionally so at 10. I'm thinking he needs a new scarf.

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