Thursday, November 7, 2013

Knitting Hats

November 1st rolled around... and it was a SUPER busy day. Eight hours at work followed by a four hour drive on the Interstate (little 'a' was heading to dad's for the weekend).

I had started a hat in August and left it with a single end to weave in for a ultra-fast turn in to the Forbidden Forest (detention) in HPKCHC.

This was made with some self-striping cotton scraps and I didn't think I could really find a good coordinating color to go with the 'chocolate mint' look. But it sure is super-cute. I held onto it until the First so I could WIPtheFirst... and it took me less time to finish the hat than it did to figure out how I was going to get a picture of it with my camera/cellphone in the dumps. This ended up being a webcam shot.

Then I proceeded to spend two days at a LOVELY and AMAZING knitting retreat - KnitXMidwest - I hope they plan to do it again next fall because it was UBER-Awesome.

Part of the awesomeness of it was getting to spend the whole weekend with a good friend from HPKCHC - and owner of She Makes Hats. I had planned to work on both my Pikachu stuffy (which needs to get restarted due to yarn issues); and my Know Your Mushrooms blanket... and I had pre-loaded jpgs and pdfs to my Kindle... only to have the Kindle charger die (serious tech issues lately... sigh).

So, instead I took along my double-knit blanket project. Which needs work. And I had thoughts somehow in my head that I could work on it for the whole weekend and get it to a reasonable length that it wouldn't be impossible to finish before the 23rd. Yeah. Right. I don't think I even finished a whole row before I threw it back in the bag in disgust. It's not that it's that hard. But it did require both concentration and focus - which was just not working for me at a retreat.

So, I reached back into my bag for a Purple hat I had cast on ... and didn't find it. Sigh - I had grabbed the wrong bag. Which was really a shame - because that had the circular needle I had planned to use for making more scrap hats when I finished the purple one. But, no big deal. I had a smaller circular needle in my notions bag (a just in case, kind of needle)... and I had lots of scraps of yarn.

So, I cast on and knit charity hat #2 for the month:

But on a slightly too small needle, and sitting next to a person whipping out about two crochet baby hats an hour... I got impatient. So, I went to the vendors/hosts of the retreat and found a bigger diameter circular needle... and whipped out one more hat with scraps:

Then we got to visit my favorite LYS (the hosts of the retreat) and visit some more and pick up some yarn. And I thought - well, I could still get a purple hat finished if I pick some up, right? And got intrigued with playing with a coordinating purple-ish/pink-ish variegated yarn... and on Saturday night I seamed in the ends on charity hat #4 for the week:

Sunday, I cast on for an adult hat (much more slow to knit) with the two shades of purple... in Brioche two-color stitch. I'd share a photo if I had one... so I'll post a reminder to myself to get one. I worked on it a little more this week... but not much. I had too much prep-work to do for my knitting class.

The good news is that these four hats here? Got me to my 2013 Charity Knitting goal of making 50 charity hats. Apparently I'm not done with hat knitting though - since I have two charity hats on the needles, one more that has been musing my noodle... and at least one to make for a gift for my grandson.

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