Friday, January 27, 2012

-- All Knitting Status

4) As soon as OWL is approved cast on for Cabled Sweater by Bernat - get it to the 40% finished mark and go back and keep working on Pick, Pick, Pick it up Pattern until it's done.Cast-on; sleeves done, cast-on and knit all but a couple of rows of the body... will finish ribbing and set aside until Feb 1.

6) Second portable/simple project - pair of simple, worsted weight gloves - DONE

7) a half-dozen more Brioche Stitch hats (as time permits) - Going to work on this weekend

8) Would also like to find time to do a 12" square for a contribution to a friend's baby blanket. DONE

NEW) Since I finished everything in my target, with the exception of my hats... I've also picked up an old WIP - a baby blanket that is going QUITE SLOW (hence the putting aside). I figure when I get tired of working on hats, I'll work on the blanket. When I get tired of working on the blanket, I'll pick up the hats.

I'm heading to a local Knitting Retreat this weekend, so I should have a TON of knitting/chatting time and both the blanket and the hats are good for chatty knitting time as I can practically do both in my sleep.

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